Programs and Class Schedule


None at present. Women’s Self Defense Modules are scheduled periodically. If you would like to be notified of the dates of our next Module, please click on the following link: <Inquire>


MMA and Adult Self Defense

A well-rounded martial arts and self defense curriculum is provided for adults and young adults, with elements based on traditional and modern (practical and effective) approaches. Our classes are suitable for:

  • both beginners and experienced martial artists
  • athletes and non-athletes
  • individuals in shape or looking to get in shape
  • women and men
  • adults of all ages
  • youths (High School age)

To inquire about this program or sign up, please click on the following link: <Inquire>

Women’s Self Defense Program

Designed for youth (High School age) and adult women only, this program is a fun opportunity to develop some specific strategies and skills for self defense. You will perform various exercises in a warm-up portion of the class, with a purpose of preparing physically to defend one’s self. For example, exercises will improve core and leg strength, and develop flexibility and speed. We will also perform exercises to help students learn to fall without injury.

We will present a range of specific but practical techniques and strategies to defend against various scenarios. While there will be the opportunity to practice and learn some effective techniques, our aim is not to introduce techniques that will take years to master. The simpler the better. You will work on effective strikes, kicks, throws, arm and wrist locks, and other strategies for self-defense. You will work with a partner attacking and defending. You will also hit the bag, mitts, and a pad, and have the option to do some sparring.

To inquire about this program or sign up, please click on the following link: <Inquire>

Adult and Teen Youth Programs Only

We do not provide classes for children in the elementary and middle school ages. For programs for younger children, we direct your attention to the Seishin Martial Arts / Sports Karate Academy in Medway, MA. Information can be found at


Note: From time to time, we will change our schedule depending on the makeup and size of each class.


7:20-8:20 pm
Adults and High School ages


7:50 pm – 8:50 pm
Adults and High School Age*

*Class on Thursday is periodically moved to an off-site class, e.g., a Judo, boxing, or Kali/Escrima class.


7:00 pm
Open Slot TBD Regular Class/Sparring Night
(Adults and High School, ages 15+)



Ad Hoc Classes