Where is the school located? We are at 74 Main Street, Unit 5, Medway, Massachusetts. We are near Yama Fuji and Medway Cafe.

Must I have prior experience in martial arts to attend classes?
Classes are open to beginners, and all levels of martial arts experience.

What will I learn at the Lone Wolf Kajukenbo Karate Studio?
You will learn a range of self defense skills, including conditioning, strikes, kicks, grappling techniques, form (kata), and self defense combinations and strategies.

What are the benefits of training in Kajukenbo?
Students will improve their physical condition through exercise, improve their coordination, and grow in confidence.  Meanwhile, students will learn practical self defense techniques.  Most important objectives include self respect, self confidence, and respect for others.

Is Kajukenbo Practical and Effective?
Our Ohana includes people from all walks of life, women and men of all ages. Many students and teachers in our Kajukenbo ohana served or now serve in the military and as police officers, and some are certified to provide training to the military and police. From day one, we teach both fundamentals and practical tactics — in ways that are most appropriate for each individual, taking into account their fitness level, age, size, and strengths.

What are appropriate ages for students at Lone Wolf Kajukenbo?
Our classes are open to high school youths, young adults, and adults of all ages. If you studied a martial art at a younger age, we hope you will try our classes now that you are a little older; and please do not wait to get “back in shape” before joining us — come as you are! We have many martial artists in our ohana who have returned to the martial arts; you will not be the only one getting back into the groove.